Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday night

Isn`t he adorrable? :) Is Fifi I think, a very old and big rabbit;)) but it was so cute. He has a thiny tongue and big eyes...very very cute. Here I was at a friend of a friend house, before the party in the club..or club`s, becouse lately one club isn`t enought for a night. We go for two, three and sometimes four locations per night :)) such a crazynness!

I was wearing a t-shirt from Raus. A shop from Targu Mures and a pair of shorts that I diy them. I will put some more pictures with them as soon as my photographer comes from vacation! :))

Friday, July 27, 2012

Red is for passion

I woke up very early, despite the fact that i was very tired from the last night in the club with my girls! We headed to Aerodrome for an Air Show….unfortunately we arrived to late, while they finished the show. To bad…I was very sad..:(….from there we went at my favorit coffee shop from the town.we had a saturday brunch in the city, with friends. so nice!! This is the outfit I wear it.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Vintage, high waist shorts


I love vintage shorts! who doesn`t? are the trend in this summer..

 It`s very easy to do it yourself. First of all you have to like to do things, because if you are a person who doesn`t have atraction for such things you will never go forther than thinking, never put into practice anything
Second you  need a pear of vintage jeans and some imagination. You can style them the way you want, you can put some lace on (my favorit), or other material or simply apply some studs. The tutorials for youtube will help you a lot.

Seems like a countryside life

The view from Cornesti Plateau.

 Situated in the eastern part of the city, which is 488 m above Black Sea and 197 m above the city.  I told you Targu Mures is beautiful. 

Wearing: Versace Shorts and a second hand blouse.

Check my looks on Chictopia. My favorit fashion community.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Graduation Day

Friday the 13th was the day I was waiting for so long. Sounds strange becouse many people see the number 13 asociated with friday a very unlucky day. I do not belive in superstitions thereford for me it was`t a bed day, but the opposite. Julie, friday 13th 2012, was the day I finished the master in human resources witch I did it after three years off college and that lasted no more and no less than two years. A total of five years....beautifule can i say , five years since I`m in the city of roses, Targu Mures, a city where I met a lot of beautiful people, I made myself friends but also antipathies.
What can I say....a city to remember!:)

About my clothes:

I was wearing an Stradivarius formal high waisted skirt, silk top and a lovely vintage bag. The look I created gives an air of style, of a bussines women (budding) ..haha. The sandals I bought them from Leonardo a few years ago and I don`t regret the purchase at all.

                                  Check my looks on Chictopia. My favorit fashion community.