Sunday, September 30, 2012

Black or white

After hours of looking in my closet and didnt`t knew what to wear i chose a Casual look for going out in the city for a chillin` saturday night. An  M.J. inspired outfit, more accurate, the White Socks. He was wearing white socks becouse he had very elaborate foot moves for his dances which could be better seen with his ankless exposed in white and/ or glitter socks, only possible if pants short to display them. If it was all black you couldn`t really see the moves especially sitting far away in a concert. He only dressed that way while dancing/ performing in concert and this became a fashion statementI was and I am a big fan of Michael Jackson even if he is no longer with us, of his music, his videos, his unique style. He took the world by storm in the 80`s with his infectious music and unprecedented dance moves...ah.
Back to my outfit. I was also wearing a Zara leather jacket who is fitting perfectlly in the inspired outfit of M.J aldought red one was the stunnig piece.

I hope you all hade fun this weekend. I wish you a great start for the week that begins.

kisses, Yna :-)

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