Sunday, August 12, 2012


The photography and the cooler from the shirt gives a touch of vintage but remains in style because of the other pieces I wear.

The floral skirt that I done it myself (from an Orsay dress I transformed into a skirt, but this time using scissors) brings the fun back into fashion while still being pretty and sweet printed with flowers. The upper side of the skirt it was strechy so I didn`t hade to wear any belt.
The silk shirt I DIY it myself too :) how? well...she had sleeves but I cut them off becouse I didn`t like how she looked. At the collar I`ve putted manually some studs..very easy!

Becouse the weather here in Targu Mures seemes to bring the cold, I had to get my vest with me cuz...brr... was not very hot outside. I don`t want the autumn to come, because it brings winter with her...and I don`t really like winter ..But well..enjoy the present! not the past not the future`s the only gift you have!

Kisses, Yna :-)

I like the new song of Keyshia Cole with Lil`Wayne. Enjoy! 

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