Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Early mornin`

I`m a very early person sometimes...especially when the sunlight is above the building I live in , and the  rays of sun caress my face and wakes me up...hm.  I recently moved in a new home. I like the apartament i moved in, me with my roomate, especially I love my room. It`s tiny but that`s what i like about it. Thouse who know me, knows that I have a lot of clothes and things that need a space and a place to be put. Thereford the first plus goes for the closet. The first time I saw the apartament the  thing that impressed me most was the huge closet, the rest didn`t matter so much at all. 
Another plus goes for the view from the seventh floor. Is wonderful especially in the night when all the lights from the city are up.
I wish you all a good and beautiful day!! 

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